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PRIVATE 34 - Witness. Special Panos Pictures, cover photo © Pep Bonet

PRIVATE 34 – Witness. Special Panos Pictures

Title: Witness. Special Panos Pictures § Publication: Autumn 2006 / Softcover / 84 pages / 24×28 cm § Photographers: Alvaro Leiva, Chris Keulen, Christien Jaspars, Dieter Telemans, Fernando Moleres, Heidi Bradner, Iva Zimova, Jan Banning, Martin Adler, Nic Dunlop, Paul Lowe, Pep Bonet, Piers Benatar, Sean Sutton, Sven Torfinn, Tim Dirven § Writers: Alessio Zanelli, George […]

© Danila Tkachenko
Escape (Russia 2011-2013)

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2014

The 21st Noorderlicht Photo Festival 2014 is inspired by the growing quest for different means to shape our collective future, in a hopeful answer to the structural failings of our current economic and political systems.

Special Box Photo Agencies

Special Box – Photo Agencies

The photography’s tendency in the past ten years through the testimonies of excellent photographers from four important photo agencies. Four issues of PRIVATE dedicated to VU’ agency, Panos Pictures, Noor, VII Agency.

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