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    22 July 2021

    A flower cannot hide violence

    Ferrara Italy In Italy, every year millions of mimosas are donated for women‘s Day and many beautiful words are said…
    21 July 2021

    Resilience, defence and resistance in Myanmar

    The violation of human rights is now happening against people in Myanmar and represent a serious threat to their lives,…
    19 July 2021

    Cuba, “Blanco y Negro”

    Faccio kilometri e kilometri a bordo di una Chevrolet del 1956 incollato a questi sedili di pelle, inqadro fuori dal…
    17 July 2021

    Georgian Silk Road

    Just a simply visual travel diary made during my road trip along the Georgian Silk Road capturing the human landscape.
    16 July 2021

    Family relationships… better not to take yourself too seriously

    The passing of time and the sequence of historical periods is a strange business, especially in a place full of…
    14 July 2021

    Escape to Wonderland during Covid time

    Tel Aviv Israel. Wonderland “Corona time” severly limited our touring options, we found ourselves traped in the studio. We decided…
    12 July 2021

    Garden in a neglected landscape

    The series that I captured plants surrounding cities uncovers the aura of neglected landscape of the space. Plants have coexisted…
    8 July 2021

    COVID Kids

    I was interested how children were affected by Covid restrictions.
    7 July 2021

    Lasciti, atmosfere senza tempo

    E noi non ci saremo: atmosfere vagamente raggelanti
    30 June 2021

    Without sugar – diabetes during pregnancy

    Photo story about the forced ban of sweets due to diabetes during pregnancy.

    One Photo Story

      23 July 2021

      Self-portrait with daughter

      13/07/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia The feminine principle speaks of true beauty, which lies in the unity of souls. I would like…
      16 July 2021

      I look into the eyes of animals

      How wise they are. Every being has a reflection of all life. Signs are read in their image, gait, behavior…
      14 July 2021

      Brahma Kamal, a legendary flower

      05/07/2021 Bhopal India I was just sitting on my bed, recalling my day as it was birthday and thinking what…
      10 July 2021

      Covid-19, still in place in Bangladesh

      09/07/2021 CHITTAGONG Bangladesh Covid situation in Bangladesh is severing day by day. Bangladesh is currently facing a renewed surge in…
      1 July 2021

      My mother’s flower

      My mother's flowers, like herself, are beautiful. They are gentle, soft and kind. There is so much love and beauty…
      25 June 2021

      The candy floss seller

      This is a picture and story of a minor candy floss seller from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
      24 June 2021

      Tramonto estivo su vigna

      Foto ad un tramonto di fuoco in un vigneto
      18 June 2021

      Due barchette su un limpido lago blu

      La foto mostra due barchette solitarie su un limpido lago e un cielo azzurro.
      12 June 2021

      Rush Hour at the Delhi’s Spice Market

      The soul of this market is the people working there and the strong smell of the spices.
      5 June 2021

      Happiness is inside

      Our world is happiness inside. It is like the smile of the Mona Lisa, mysterious and slightly perceptible.
      20 May 2021

      High-heeled shoes, object of the provocation

      A high heel is a provocation, and provocation is a dual concept and does not exist on its own. It…
      18 May 2021

      The Beloved War Widow

      A place where no one goes, was walking around, a woman with cold looks, scary. Said just two sentences to…


        6 July 2021


        28 June 2021

        A Mysterious Giant

        26 June 2021

        Ti cerco

        31 May 2021

        Due frammenti

        26 May 2021

        Speranze nel vento

        19 May 2021

        In una stanza

        8 March 2021

        Decoding Autumn

        11 December 2020

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