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Un viaggio per immagini e frammenti di visioni per raccontare un momento personale decisivo, perturbante e di grandi cambiamenti.


All Around

All Around rappresenta in qualche modo la metafora della vita. Una storia che appartiene tutta o in parte ad ognuno di noi.

Photo book

Monkeyphoto releases the latest project of Alberta Aureli, “The Sheltering City”

The first story begins in a bar in Rome. I want to go to Tangier’s. “Tangier’s of Thieves” someone says. I say no, a “Tangier’s of poets“. But this is not the first one. To think of it better the first story starts on the Strait of Gibraltar, I am in Tarifa planning to catch the one-hour sail to Morocco by ship, but I have forgotten my passport at home. There is another story that concerns all the stories, those that do not end and pass from books, to thoughts, to frames in a movie with the vampires of the night.


Evidence of the Invisible on New York City Streets

This short photo-essay is a look at the many ways Brooklynites address and interact with the invisible, be it perceived demons, gods, a God—or the dead. As Herman Melville wrote: “Though in many of its aspects this visible world seems formed in love, the invisible spheres were formed in fright.”

Photo book

Massimo Baldini, Gli italiani

Il Mulino annuncia l’uscita del libro GLI ITALIANI, di Massimo Baldini, progetto con cui la casa editrice inaugura una nuova attenzione editoriale per la fotografia contemporanea.



Può l’uomo sentirsi violentato nel suo centro vitale? L’ansia giace latente e aspetta di venire fuori. Il maledetto rende così la sua vittima Evanescente.


Four Poems, by Yuan Hongri

Open the eyes of your soul / and you will encounter your many souls / In timelessness, as if the sun and moon never set or rise / The world is only a book, phantom-like / The soul an invisible muse / Before the words were born, you were a giant / From the kingdom of gold who know not yourself.


I Dreamed I Dream [A Fragment of Noir Narration]

As a well-known understanding, certain emotions can only be experienced by getting through certain kind of events, and even the tiniest difference in each event can lead the shifting of the feelings that we had. Not to mention, how each person perceived the world also surely have major significant to shift how human feels.