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One Photo Story

Tender Moments: The Story of Irina and her kitten Mila


In one shot I wanted to show the love and strong bond between Irina and her kitten Mila.

Every day, Mila’s playful antics and gentle purrs brought immense joy and comfort to Irina, creating an unbreakable bond of affection between them. Irina cherished the moments they spent together, from lazy afternoons cuddling on the couch to energetic play sessions with Mila’s favorite toys. In Mila, Irina found a loyal companion who filled her life with warmth and happiness.

I am grateful to Irina for the opportunity to take photographs, for the trust and openness, even frankness.

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Ira Wind

I have been passionate about photography since childhood. My mother was a photographer and I loved being with her in a dark room with… More »

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