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Strolling to Piazza Navona #2

April: Tourists of all kinds and (a few) natives



In this month of April I continued in my habit of strolling to Piazza Navona and back, armed with a camera to capture those who frequent it.
Above all, I wanted confirmation of my first impression last month that the square is a sort of summary of the city, a condensation of the various aspects, human types, and activities that to varying degrees are present in other parts of Rome, at least in the central areas.
And indeed the impression seems to me to be confirmed: the square and the adjacent streets increasingly resemble an open-air museum, motionless, stuffed, where every activity is directed towards visitors, even more present in April than in the previous month.
So I, too, wanted to treat it as a kind of anthropological museum, but of the human types and visitors who frequent it, inserting in the opening and closing a few pictures taken on the way there and back to emphasise again this circular aspect, of a place no longer to be lived in but only visited.

The man in the white hat. Rome, Lungotevere Prati, April 8th 2024.
Bear, Pinocchios and tourist. Rome, Piazza Navona, April 18th 2024.
Selfie. Rome, Piazza Navona, April 8th 2024.
Counting money earned. Rome, Piazza Navona, April 11th 2024.
Watercolour with grandson. Rome, Piazza Navona, April 18th 2024.
Scene in the square. Rome, Piazza Navona, April 18th 2024.
There is also a native who reads the newspaper. Rome, Piazza Navona, April 18th 2024.
I would like to be anywhere else! Rome, Piazza Navona, April 8th 2024.
Little Mum. Rome, Via S. Pio X, April 18th 2024.
Little Mum. Rome, Via S. Pio X, April 18th 2024.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


  1. Piazza Navona as a stage where real -? – things and people happen. What’s going on waiting for the 2525 Jubelee? To be continued…

    1. Grazie Lucilla, un palcoscenico in effetti, di una commedia che alla luce del prossimo anno diventa sempre più inquietante…

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