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Dreaming in Landscapes: A Photographer’s Journey Through Iceland’s Beauty

All About Photo Showcases ‘Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland’ by Attila Ataner

All About Photo is thrilled to unveil “Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland” by Attila Ataner. This exclusive online exhibition, part of All About Photo’s curated showroom, will be available throughout June 2024. The exhibit features thirteen captivating photographs from the “Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland” series.

Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland

During August and September of 2006, Attila Ataner embarked on a transformative journey to Iceland. His memories of this magical place are intertwined with its awe-inspiring landscapes. Iceland’s vast open spaces, boundless skies, towering mountains, tranquil streams and ponds, rugged black rocks, volcanic sands, mossy stones, and crashing ocean waves left a lasting impression on him. The country’s soft, misty light on some days and stark, sunny contrasts on others merged in his memory. Over time, these recollections evolved, prompting him to reimagine and re-edit his photographs to convey a more authentic depiction of his experiences. These images reflect how Iceland resides in his mind and heart today, frequently revisited in his dreams.

To produce these final images, Ataner combined and blended various sets of photos from his trip. He also re-framed them in a 1:2 aspect ratio, inspired by traditional Asian scroll paintings, to highlight the unity between Earth and Sky.

© Attila Ataner
© Attila Ataner
© Attila Ataner
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