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The Tram of Calcutta – 151st year of journey of the iconic legacy

Kolkata [Calcutta]


Just few years ago, the tram car was a very popular mode of urban transport rather system rather says lifestyle for both who lives in Calcutta [Kolkata] as well as Howrah of West Bengal, India.

The sweet Tung Tang sound of the bell, the ticket punching machine along with the conductor’s small leather bag, the huge fans on the ceiling, the open windows to enjoy environment of the journey, the 1st class and 2nd compartments. There are so many memories cherished by the people of Calcutta related to trams in the 150th anniversary of Calcutta tramways. The celebration saw tram enthusiasts from as far away as Germany and Australia come to the city for a historic “Tramjatra”[Jatra means Journey in Bengali language] organized by the West Bengal Transport Department, on 26th February 2023 for all.

This year in the 151st year the trams of Calcutta [ Kolkata] are still keep on its service for the people of the state. But the hay day of the Tram is gone. Only few routes are operating now. Perhaps even in entire Asia Kolkata is the only city which has this unique transport system. It is drawn electrically from the overhead cables. On the road it runs on specially laid out tracks. The environmental pollution is minimum in Trams, because it is driven electrically.

The Tram of Calcutta is a powerful medium transportation, it is depicted in this fresco in a city wall. 18-05-2024
A passenger coming down from a tram reaching esplanade depot from Shyambazar in afternoon. 18-05-2024
A tram on the city street way to it destination in North Calcutta in afternoon. 18-05-2024
A tram plying on the city street in the afternoon on 18-05-2024.
A tram plying on it’s destination from Dharmatala to Shyambazar in the afternoon on 18-05-2024.
A tram on the city street way to North Calcutta in afternoon. 18-05-2024.
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