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The legacy of old Batumi is a beauty that needs to be preserved


There are streets, areas or parks in some cities that you want to return to again and again. They are present in skyscraper areas such as Singapore, but they are also found in smaller cities. There are many such places in Batumi, especially in the old city, where small, seemingly completely different, but united by the same style and elusive charm, the houses seem to embrace on narrow streets. There are trees, sidewalks and lawns as small as houses. If we looked at such places only from a business prospectives, they would not exist long ago. We must thank organizations such as UNESCO and simply caring people who are actively promoting the idea of ​​preserving the authentic appearance of our cities.

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I am from the most beautiful place on the planet, from Odessa. Being person from HR I like all about people (cooking good food,… More »

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