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The hidden illumination inside you

An unknown future looms on the horizon, the world is unpredictable and dangerous again. According to modern sociologists, another “magical renaissance” is taking place today, manifested in an irrational craving for magical practices (from astrology to fortune-telling). People look for amulets, supports and protection, resort to metaphorical escapism when they find no other way to survive the surrounding crisis and chaos. 

Magical thinking reads the world as a system of symbols and signs, supposedly bearing a secret meaning, some kind of “sacred” knowledge. Once, as a child, I believed that magic did not just exist ephemerally on its own, but was inside me. This game made me feel different.

In the project, I build a game of magical images between the shadow lacunae of my consciousness and real objects that carry the context of magic. I create a fragile aura of mystery around me and at the same time desacralize my own ideas about superpowers, predictions and “miracles”. In imaginary rituals, I look for new connections between the inner and the outer, blurring the fine line between the game, the method of interacting with reality and the unconscious.

On the threshold of the future, 2024
Transform reality, 2024
On the other side, 2024
A charm for every home, 2024
The ritual, 2024
To protect yourself from the unknown, 2024
Magic will save the world, 2024
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Ekaterina Edeleva

Ekaterina Edeleva is a photographer. Since 2023, he has been studying at the NIZINA Laboratory (St. Petersburg). Participant of several festivals of author's zines… More »

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