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Strolling to Piazza Navona

Rome transforms but remains the same

One of my favourite destinations when I take a walk through the centre of Rome is Piazza Navona.
It is not the first time that I have published photos taken in this square, but starting this month I would like to dedicate an entire feature to the square and the streets that I walk along to get there and then back home, and especially to the people that I casually cross on these journeys.

Piazza Navona seems to me like a summary of the entire city, beautiful but now almost devoid of any activity other than eating and drinking, a little boorish in its approach to the hordes of tourists more or less grouped together, full of awkward figures, vendors, jugglers, street musicians, but above all invaded, suffocated by these flocks from all over the world.

Mine is not a nostalgic discourse, even if certain rarefied atmospheres of past years might have had a certain charm, but an attempt to render with a bit of street photograpy and human sympathy the “caciara” of these days and the coming ones, over which the nightmare of the Jubilee 2025 looms.

Rome transforms, but always remains the same. Rome, Gardens of Castel S. Angelo, March 19th 2024.
Chess and checkers. Rome, Lungotevere Prati, March 22th 2024.
A job like any other. Rome, Via dei Coronari, March 3rd 2024.
No, thanks, no hat for me. Rome, Piazza Navona, March 19th 2024.
The musician’s sly look. Rome, Piazza Navona, March 19th 2024.
Hidden and allusive gaze. Rome, Piazza Navona, March 19th 2024.
Maybe a lawyer. Rome, Piazza Navona. March 19th 2024.
The Stone Convitee. Rome, Piazza Navona, March 28th 2024.
Postcard: profiles, united by the smartphone. Rome, Piazza Pasquale Paoli, March 19th 2024.
Postcard: profiles, united by the smartphone. Rome, Piazza Pasquale Paoli, March 19th 2024.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


  1. Grazie Lucilla, si trasforma, si ma ho come l’impressione un po’ in peggio…

  2. The Pamphilj pigeon as the stone convitee is genial! And what about the postcards? And Rome transforms for 2025 Jubilee – always works in progress!

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