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Sri Lanka Men and Women Workers of the sea and the beach

Location: Sri Lanka – Negombo Jaffna

We are on the beach of Negombo Sri Lanka, here every morning men and women go to the beach, where there are tons of fish brougthtby fishermen. The sea of Sri Lanka offers a good qantity of fish which is processed. Cleaning of the entrails, drying on jute sheets placed on the beach, saomeisa put in salty brine. The working conditions are precarious for a fee ofa few rupees.

Men carring fish to dry on the beach Negombo Sri Lanka 8-01-2024

Furthermore, from a health and hygiene point of point of view they do not guarantee safe products for food. Some photos were taken near the Jaffna lagoon in northern Sri Lanka Fishermen an those who process fish live in poverty.

People cleaning of fish Negombo Sri Lanka 8-01-2024
Fish hanging out for drying Negombo Sri Lanka 8-01-2024
Men carryng baskets accompanied by birds 13-12-2023
Fish waiting for processing 8-01-2024
Small boats used for fishing 4-01-2024
Women while they clean the fish 8-01-2024
Huts or stations for the nets 8-01-2024
Shop dedicated to the sale of dried fish with Hindu ritual purifying incense 3-01-2024
Spreanding the fish on mats 8-01-2024
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