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Exploring Fokida-Trikorfo Village

Trikorfo is a village situated at a height of 550 meters between three peaks, built amphitheatrically. It overlooks the Corinthian Gulf. It is home to four hundred residents. The village has many elements of traditional architecture. The stone-built church is dedicated to the Holy Apostles and has Byzantine elements, such as the relief of the Double-headed Eagle. Two marble lions guard the entrance.
We were welcomed into Spyros Koutsougianni’s house. Time has not touched its interior. Georgia maintains the space in its original state concerning the family tradition.
In the courtyard of the Primary School, stands the bust of the first teacher who taught in the village. Origin and flowers smell around.

Everywhere in the village there is a miracle of nature
The church, dedicated to Agioi Apostoloi.
The Two-Heads Eagle was the symbol of the Byzantine Empire.
Two lions are the guards of the church.
Right and left of the gate at the church.
An old abandoned house.
The Primary School and the statue of the first teacher of the village
Spyros Koutsougiannis House
The dining room.
The dining room.
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