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Discover the Stunning Photos from the Winners of All About Photo Awards 2024: The Mind’s Eye

All About Photo is thrilled to unveil the winners of this year’s All About Photo Awards 2024, celebrating the finest single images from photographers around the world.

Visionary photographers, both professional and amateur, shared their unique perspectives and competed for international recognition as the next “Photographer of the Year,” $10,000 in cash prizes and publication in the printed magazine “Special Edition All About Photo Awards 2024’

A panel of 6 expert jurors, including Clare Freestone, Curator of the Photography Department at the National Portrait Gallery, London, UK; Ann Jastrab, Executive Director of the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA; Klavdij Sluban, Photographer and Founder of Le Masterclass; Dewi Lewis, Publisher and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society; Priyo Widdi, Photographer and Winner of the All About Photo Awards 2023; and Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, Photographer and Founder & Editor of All About Photo, faced the challenging task of evaluating thousands of entries.

Now in its 9th year, All About Photo Awards – The Mind’s Eye has become a reference for discovering new talents and celebrating outstanding photographers. The jurors selected 48 winners who come from 22 different countries and across 3 continents.

Most of this year’s submissions were in color, but two in the top five are nevertheless in black and white. It is also notable that only 11 women are amongst the 48 winners, yet they take the top two places. Many submitted images to this year’s competition reflected on the catastrophic events happening in the world, including wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, but also an impressive number of images showing how the world is polluted and urgently needs our care. This final selection is a mix of powerful heartbreaking images alongside more light-hearted ones. Overall, this year’s selection emphasizes strong aesthetics and storytelling.
In “The Mind’s Eye: Writings on Photography and Photographers,” Henri Cartier-Bresson emphasizes how photographers engage with subjects on the brink of disappearance, highlighting the irreplaceable nature of these captured instants. The five top winning images aptly echo Cartier-Bresson’s sentiment, showcasing their mastery in seizing and preserving fleeting moments through photography.

The winner and Photographer of the Year 2024 is Roberta Vagliani (Italy) with his image “The right to know”.

The winner and Photographer of the Year 2024 is Roberta Vagliani (Italy) with ”The right to know”

The second-place winner is Véronique de Viguerie (France), the third-place winner is Lieven Neirinck
(Belgium), the fourth-place winner Joseph-Philippe Bevillard (USA/France) and the fifth-place winner is Victor Wong (Hong Kong SAR China).

The second-place winner is Véronique de Viguerie (France) with ‘Les mariés de Mossoul’
The Third Place Winner is Lieven Neirinck (Belgium) with ‘Orchestrated Friendship’

The other winning photographers are:

John Francis (USA), Emily Fisher (USA), Emeric Lhuisset (France), Manuel Besse (France), Andre Hidayat (Indonesia), Elaine Klein (Israel), Fabien Dendiével (France), Ilaria Miani (Italy), Giovanni Diffidenti (Italy), Andrea Peruzzi (Italy), Zhenhuan Zhou (China), Jennifer Carlos (France), Md Tanveer Rohan (Bangladesh), Guillaume Petermann (France), Beamie Young (USA), Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra (Spain), Silvia Alessi (Italy), Andreas Kanellopoulos (Greece), Mauro De Bettio (Italy), Alain Schroeder (Belgium), Maria Bratan (Moldavia), Gouguenheim Yannick (France), Dejan Mijovic (Slovenia), Martina Holmberg (Sweden), Achilleas Chiras (Greece), Georgi Georgiev (Bulgaria), Kazutoshi Kawakami (Japan), Daniel Sackheim (USA), Damian Lemański (Poland), Emily Marie Wilson (USA), Eric Davidove (USA), Deba Prasad Roy (India), Ares Jonekson (Indonesia), Sandro Maddalena (Italy), Jabin Botsford (USA), Mahmoud Hams (Palestine), John T. Pedersen (Norway), Gerdie Nurhadi (Indonesia), Francesco junior Mura (Italy), Alessandro Deluigi (Italy) and Ahmed El Hanjoul (Germany), Zay Yar Lin (Myanmar), Rémi Vinas (France).

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