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Dead corners: places forgotten by God and men

Cities are full of the crowds of natives and tourists who frequent them and sometimes deface them, but if you look hard enough you will also find ravines, dead corners, silent places forgotten by God and man.
The protagonists of the work I am presenting here are some of these silent corners in cities, deserted and immobilised in an indefinite and alien time.

These places appear to me as a representation of the Dark Side of the Moon, the counterbalance to the limelight that covers our cities with deceptive sequins, but at the same time I wanted to render them with banal images, without strong features. Because if it is true that I would like to make these images a metaphor for a different and alternative time, this does not necessarily mean that this is better: the doubt remains.

Behind barbed wire. Rome, Piazza di S. Salvatore in Lauro, December 29th 2023.
The corner of lost benches. Rome, Via della Bufalotta, January 22th 2024.
Blind perspective. Rome, Vicolo dell’Inferriata, February 17th 2024.
The art of making do: street lamp. Napoli, Vico Santa Maria ad Agnone, February 25th 2024.
Backroom, window to nowhere. Rome, Via dei Baullari, March 14th 2024.
Window into the darkness. Rome, Vicolo del Lupo, March 20th 2024.
Corner with hanging bed sheets. Jaca, Aragona, Spain, Calle de Aragon, March 30th 2024.
Left turn. Lerma, Castilla y Leon, Spain, Calle de Santa Clara, April 3rd 2024.
Window with still life. Rome, Vicolo della Campana, April 27th 2024.
Window with still life. Rome, Vicolo della Campana, April 27th 2024.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


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