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Spectacular Winning Images of AAP Magazine 38 Women

AAP Magazine joyfully unveils the outcomes of its most recent release, AAP Magazine 38 Women, an exhilarating tribute to the remarkable role of women in shaping the landscape of photography. Through a harmonious blend of historical retrospection and contemporary vision, this edition embarks on an exploration of women’s diverse contributions as both creators and muses, transcending conventional boundaries and reshaping narratives.

In the nascent stages of photography, women encountered formidable barriers, often sidelined in favor of their male counterparts. Despite this, they frequently found themselves cast as subjects, viewed through the lens of male photographers, perpetuating societal norms and gender stereotypes.

Nevertheless, as the late 19th and early 20th centuries unfolded, a gradual transformation took place. With photography becoming more accessible, women seized it as a potent tool for self-expression and documentation. Despite encountering obstacles such as discrimination and limited access to resources, numerous women photographers emerged, challenging stereotypes and portraying women in multifaceted and empowering lights.

AAP Magazine 38 Women also contemplates the evolving portrayal of women as subjects throughout history. From being confined to traditional roles as models or assistants, women have evolved into catalysts of societal change, surpassing predefined roles as mothers and spouses. This edition pays homage to their tenacity, resilience, and artistic prowess, presenting a curated array of images that provoke thought and ignite inspiration.

This year’s iteration of AAP Magazine Women exudes an enchanting international flavor, with the 25 laureates hailing from 14 distinct countries. Among these victors, there stand six male photographers alongside a remarkable nineteen female photographers, underscoring the rich diversity and global impact of women in the realm of photography.

AAP Magazine 38 not only acknowledges the past struggles and triumphs of women in photography but also looks ahead to a future marked by enhanced diversity and representation within the field. It serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of women, both behind and in front of the camera, and their profound influence on the art of visual storytelling.

Mandy Pink Slip from the series ‘Hidden Forest’ © Lydia Panas
Bo and her kids, Almere Oosterwold, The Netherlands from the series ‘Women of Oosterwold ‘© Victoria Ushkanova
Fondest Love From Mother from the series ‘The Garden of Maggie Victoria’ © Rachel Nixon
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