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My library of my community makes history


This is a library building decorated with the pictures and the remarkable words of the famous, talented and wise personalities of my country – India. The members of the library were painted on the wall to celebrate its centenary on this month of April 14th 2024. This building is situated in Batore area of Howrah, West Bengal.  This library was inaugurated by our fore fathers in the year 1925. Then this area was a remote village with lots of trees along with a tiny canal called Swaraswati. As per historians this place was a port area called ‘Batore Port’ the river Ganges was very near to this place in the year 1575 as per Cesar Feredici, a business person from Venice. This fact was also found from the famous plan maker of that time De Baros [1552 to 1613].

Now in my country the practice of reading printed books are declined due to the influence of the social media. To attract the more readers Government of West Bengal waived off the library fees. The young generations prefer reading books online. It’s a challenge to us to revive the habit of reading to the young stars. Now we have five hundred plus regular members, who not only reading and lending books but also participated in different activities of the library like literary meeting, debate competition, awareness program, cultural programs etc. Our library also conducts a free course for competitive exams for the needy students of our locality. We have a collection of nearly 8000 books of different subjects for readers.

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