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Popular participation – Getxophoto Festival

This space for popular participation in Getxophoto International Image Festival is an open format for all those who want to participate in the Festival by sending a single photo according to the theme proposed for each edition.

To participate, each person must send a single photograph related to the concept of “Play”, understood, on the one hand, as the idea of playing and the power of play as a great testing ground in which we rehearse what is to come; and on the other hand, as an idea of activation, representation or initiation.

By filling in the entry form and sending a SINGLE image to getxophoto@gmail.com. It shall be a jpg file with a minimum size of 2400×1600 pixels and a resolution of 240 dpis.

The photos received will be edited into a video that will be available on the website during the Festival. Some of them (selected by the organisers according to the suitability of the format and the place of exhibition) will be exhibited in the shop windows of some of the shops belonging to the Algortako Dendak shopkeepers’ association.

In addition, a guide will be published with both the selected images and the shops where they will be exhibited, in order to offer a route for those who wish to enjoy a photographic stroll.

The deadline for receipt of images is April 7th, 2024. The list of those selected will be made public on April 22nd, 2024.

Alba Ruiz Lafuente
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Lucia Janto

Photographer and Head of contents in GETXOPHOTO Photography Festival.

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