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I worked on the sculpture “People” in fragments, getting to the idea for a long


I worked on the sculpture “People” in fragments, getting to the idea for a long time.
Human figures were created first, and then the story was interrupted for almost 1.5 years. During this time, I periodically returned to this work, but I did not feel the continuation. The figures “didn’t talk” to me. This happens, sometimes the material needs time to establish contact, we have to “grow up” to this conversation.
In February 2024, I returned to work on the sculpture again. I felt that in order to finish the sculpture, it was necessary to live through some events, learn new things, get the necessary experience. And the material “started talking.”
The first thing I started looking for was a “soil” for sculpture, I understood that it should be a “living support” and the first idea was grain. But when I went to the kitchen, I took the salt and after that I saw the whole image.
I kept crosses, which now hang around the necks of “my” people. They carry their cross, but without it, people would not be able to be the “salt of the earth.” That is, to be those on whom the earth rests.
This sculpture is a glorification of the human soul and the power of the pious spirit.

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Elena Liventseva

Elena Liventseva, 38 years old, born in Voronezh. 2019-2020 Academy of Documentary and Art Photography "Fotografika". Prefers to work on long-term personal projects. Area… More »

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