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The great human shape of Istanbul

This is a report from a short visit of mine to Istanbul in January, 2023. These ten images could look as a typical collection of touristic images. In fact, as always, my eyes are more attracted by people than by monuments, and I really hope that this peculiarity will shine through my photos.

Blue Mosque, with light bewilderment..( 3/1/2023)

The city, by the way, with its history, its variety and its light is absolutely superb for a photographer, and the common temper that Italians share with other mediterranean people makes us feel at home down there.

Topkapi, unusual view (3/1/2023)
Night encounter in Sultanhamet (3/1/2023)
Balat neighbours (4/1/2023)
Cats, cats, cats.. (4/1/2023)
Icecreams nocturne.(4/1/2023)
cats and wigs (both very common there)(5/1/2023)
Soap bubbles…(5/1/2023)
Shadows of poetry, Karakoy.(5/1/2023)
The tired boy, Misir Carsisi (spices market)(5/1/2023)
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Ruggero Passeri

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