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Destroyed bridge as a tourist site


The bridge constructed in Matara in 2008 replaced one lost to the devastating 2004 tsunami. Tragically, due to neglect, it succumbed to disrepair and collapsed in 2022. However, what emerged from its ruins was unexpected—a transformation from functional structure to a captivating tourist attraction. The remnants of the bridge now harmoniously blend with the beach landscape, creating a picturesque scene that draws visitors eager to capture its beauty through photographs. This unforeseen turn of events underscores the resilience of communities, showcasing their ability to find silver linings even amidst adversity.

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Nasta Yakavitskaya

Nasta Yakavitskaya is a researcher working with documentary and art photography, video and archive. Nasta was born in Smarhon in Belarus, currently based in… More »

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