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“Travels”, the stunning photographs from AAP Magazine’s #37

Hailing from various parts of the globe, these outstanding photographers, representing 13 countries across 5 continents, emerged victorious from a pool of thousands of entries.

Every month, All About Photo provides a platform for dedicated artists to display their work in the printed edition of “AAP Magazine.” In the 37th edition, our focus was on travel photography, spanning locations near and far, from the ends of the earth to places known only to a select few.

Riders of the Volcano © Mahendra Bakle

The vast world awaits exploration, and each winning photographer offers a glimpse into the rich diversity of our planet. From an Indonesian horseman to one in Peru, from an Ecuadorian tribe to an Alaskan expedition, our virtual journey takes us to every corner of the Earth. In the 37th edition of AAP Magazine, you can discover the beauty of countries such as Mongolia, India, Malaysia, Russia, Kenya, Antigua, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Peru, Solomon Islands, Angola, Morocco, Iceland, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Ecuador, and the United States.

The top honors for AAP Magazine 37 Travels go to Mahendra Bakle (India) for the series “Riders of the Volcano,” followed by Callie Eh (Malaysia) securing the Second Place with the series “Simplicity of Life,” and Julie-Anne Davies (Canada) as the Third Place Winner with the series “Women of Ladakh.”

Simplicity of Life – Carpool © Callie Eh

Additionally, the Merit Award’s Gallery features the exceptional work of Alessandro Malaguti (Italy), Mauro De Bettio (Italy), France Leclerc (Canada), Terry Wild (United States), Hoang Long Ly (Vietnam), Daniel Haeker (Germany), Ivan Ferrer (Israel), Nicolas Castermans (France), Pavlos Evangelidis (Greece), Jacopo Maria Della Valle (Italy), Eric van den Brulle (United States), David Saxe (United States), Prescott Lassman (United States), Carrie Jones (Australia), Chiara Felmini (Italy), Pawel Pilch (Poland/United States), Héctor Ruiz Golobart (Spain), Michel Daumergue (France), Carole Glauber (Israel/United States), Susanne Grether (Germany), Demetrio Jereissati (Brazil), and Aga Szydlik (United States).

Brokpa Tribe Elder © Julie-Anne Davies
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