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Lindenmayer System


This picture is part of a series entitled circa.XX3: across Tuscany, Italy, this is an attempt to recreate the paradoxal uniformity of our present lives through a repetitive process, as close as possible to what can be achieved with analogue photography, which yields dense monochrome images, where whites blend into milky grays and blacks stand as fuzzy shadows.

It is exploring areas that have apparently been somewhat spared by the frenzy of human development and its associated damages to natural ecosystems, raising questions on our interactions with our surrounding environment and if a different growth models could be possible, involving to review our relationship to time.

Lindenmayer systems are algorithmic patterns where a complex sequence can be created using so-called rewriting rules applied recursively. It has been used in computational biology to model plants, trees, and other vegetal compounds found in nature. In this case the rule includes two possible derivations based on “mineral” or “organic” objects and iterations are displayed linearly as a succession of images to build a photographic ensemble. Sometimes, upon arbitrary human intervention, the sequence jumps from one branch of the “tree” to another. It exemplifies the contradiction of our brains, attracted by the simplicity of linearity whilst able to deal with complexity, doubts, and ambiguity.

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Fabien Cochet

Self-taught photographer, I am using this medium to document our present and attempt to explore complexity through relationships between human beings and their environment.… More »

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