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Autumn night, interlude

Most of the photos that make up this work were taken in the late afternoon of 15 November 2023.
In those hours I was walking around Rome, it was not yet cold but darkness had fallen, daylight saving time had already been restored, and there was a melancholic, autumnal atmosphere.

The City was not yet sporting its Christmas livery of blazing lights against the blackness of the sky or the buildings, but it had already shed the warm hues of late summer dusk: a moment of suspension, a pause before the incipient night.

With the images of that evening, and a few others taken in the days immediately preceding or following, I have tried to render the sensation of this interlude between fall and winter, this ephemeral time between evening and night in which nothing happens, or rather in which people and things, even when they do something, seem to wait for an event, an external happening that interrupts the spell.

Under the light of a streetlamp. Rome, Piazza Navona, November 13th 2023.
District market in the evening. Rome, Piazza dell’Unità, November 15th 2023.
The Old Man and Books. Rome, Piazza Cola di Rienzo, November 15th 2023.
Waiting room. Rome, Via Antonio Canova, November 15th 2023.
Fountain against the light. Rome, Via Tomacelli, November 15th 2023.
Small show. Rome, Largo Goldoni, November 15th 2023.
Corner. Rome, Largo di S. Carlo al Corso, November 15th 2023.
Autumn has come. Rome, Largo dei Lombardi, November 20th 2023.
Under the eyes of a smiling Buddha. Rome, Via Crescenzio, November 24th 2023.
Holy Max & co. Rome, Via Condotti, November 22th 2023.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


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