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Ethical question

On the road

There is no better metaphor for the individual and collective human condition than the roads and the act of walking towards who knows where, most of the time turning one’s back on those who remain to watch or ask questions.

Of course the roads may be circular, or straight, or curved and sloping, but the underlying theme that transpires from the images I present here is that the destination is never clear in the consciousness of those who travel them; one proceeds blindly towards nowhere, or at best towards decline, without knowing what is behind the curve or the hill.

Whether it is the sun heading towards a tiring sunset or an elderly couple, a torrent of tourists and a native woman crossing each other, ignoring each other, or a monk descending an endless staircase to the underworld, I would like to convey the idea no one seems to understand where he is going, and above all no one seems to bother asking the question.

One walks leisurely or laboriously in a suspended, slightly surreal atmosphere.
No one has the ability to divine the future, and Cassandra was not too popular and beloved by her fellow citizens, but maybe stopping, sitting on a kerbstone and looking around beyond the immediate would not be such a bad idea.

Circular routes. Frederician fortress of Castel del Monte (BT), April 22th 2023.
Monkey-man makes his way through the urban forest. Rome, Viale Mazzini, May 26th 2023.
One and many: opposing directions. Rome, Via di Porta Angelica, July 7th 2023.
Arduous path. Rome, Borgo S. Spirito, June 20th 2023.
Descent into the underworld. Rome. Piazza Esedra metro station, June 14th 2023.
Sunset Boulevard under the dummy’s eyes. Rome, Piazza Enrico Fermi, September 7th 2023.
Dangerous curves. Road between Volos and Argalasti (Greece), August 16th 2023.
Silhouette walking into the sunset. Aghia Kiriaki (Greece), August 19th 2023.
Market Depression. Rome, Via Francesco Pallavicini, October 11th 2023.
The sun’s difficult path. Cape Sithonia (Greece), August 13th 2023.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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