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Urban Visions

Urban areas are places of perennial contradictions, which nevertheless offer elements of extraordinary interest and visual impact.
For a photographer, the ideas are inexhaustible, from architecture to photo street, the urban element continually offers subjects and objects for different interpretations.
Among the many possible interpretations, in these images minimalism has been chosen as the common thread, the search for details conjugated through geometric shapes, colors, patterns and pure graphics.
Seen through the “frame” of the objective, extrapolated from their general context, these details acquire their own identity, an interpretation of the reality that surrounds us that can be read in various ways, offering another perspective of the urban scenario.

Castelfranco Veneto (TV) / 2015-10-11
Padova / 2015-12-10
Castelfranco Veneto (TV) / 2015-11-29
Castelfranco Veneto (TV) / 2015-10-11
Campodarsego (PD) / 2015-11-07
Loreggia (PD) / 2015-11-07
Silea (TV) / 2016-02-11
Padova / 2015-10-08
Padova / 2015-10-08
Padova / 2015-10-08
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Maurizio Sartoretto

I started photographing in 1981, creating images for catalogues, magazines, calendars and books, as well as exhibitions and personal projections. My work then turned… More »

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