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Short stories

Running Moon

the cure for pain
I found
inside my cavernous but lucid dreams.

while comfortably resting
at the bottom of old things,
no longer needy of your frozen love
stripped of shallow ardour of unbrave’,

I stretch my arms…

and falling deeper to my knees
I merge with howling wind
to firmly face,
the running, fluid moon
in its relentless grit
for shedding light
on wounds I am yet to meet.

Beginnings, ©Angelika Kollin
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Angelika Kollin

Angelika Kollin (b. 1976) is an Estonian Fine Art/Documentary photographer currently residing in Tampa, USA. She is self-taught and engages with her passion for photography and art as a tool of exploration of interhuman connections and intimacy. The direction of her work is driven by the lifelong yearning to understand and gain a deeper perspective on human loneliness and suffering, as well as the

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