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Ecological question

Polluting the environment+

In the last few years I have been involved in agriculture and especially in agricultural crops, and I end up living under extreme stress and anxiety with the pollution of the earth.

Living in a purely rural area, I observe the activities of the local farmers and what I see fills me with rage. There is a reckless use of pesticides and over-cultivation of the land. A field can be planted three or four times in a year!
Huge quantities of plastic are extensively used. Most of these plastics after their use end up in the river and then drift into the sea or get piled up at the beach, thus destroying marine fauna and life; in other occasions they are collected and burned on the spot in the fields or massively in bulks in designated by the farmer’s cooperative areas, burdening the environment and atmosphere with carcinogenic dioxins.

In recent years, due to the reckless overconsumption of natural resources, uncontrolled industrialization, and construction, forest fires etc., the natural environment has been enormously degraded with a direct consequence on human life.

The environmental damage caused by industry producing pollutants harmful to land and air is enormous, too. As well as overconsumption of products that create tons of garbage. However, this existing disaster does not bother the capitalist system and the authorities, and they do not actually deal with it, but transfer the responsibilities to the citizens for the allegedly man-made climate crisis.
The capitalist system and various “activists” promote unsubstantiated narratives aimed at creating new sources of global revenue and control of societies against the environment and humanity.

We need all to understand that unless we act immediately and collectively against various destructive narratives and policies of the elites, no auspicious future is expected for humanity.

* My motivation for this project is that the artist must keep up and penetrate the problems of his/her time.

Cries, February 2020
Crops, February 2020
Pesticides, February 2020
Mining, February 2020
Remains, February 2020
Digging, February 2020
Fields, February 2020
Olive mill, February 2020
Water pollution, February 2020
Peptides in the sea, February 2020
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