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Fighters game and people cheering

Fighters that take to the field to throw down in public. Where blood is the name of the game and the people are cheering for a second round. The punks are in the back screaming for the men to get real even more bloody. The day was hot thigh and the heat from the sun was burning them alive. So they had to slow it down a bit to catch their breathes in order to keep fighting the way they wanted to.

But that did not stop the blood from flowing a the pain from the light bulb bars smashing against the backs of these men. The Chaos from this all would have even the most sensitive people cheering for these men to keep going.

There was masses of people who did this before them an they said they just wanted to bring a good show for the audience. They did just that I believe they had the crowd going nuts with the stunts that were preformed in this deathmatch. But as it ended there a was atoll to be taken on them both the scars that were made during the match were deployed a bloody a needed to be stitched up.

The fallen man, 2023
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