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When I started photographing, I didn’t think I would be doing anything very different from what I enjoy in my everyday life, which is to observe my surroundings with a critical eye and with about a kilo of extra weight hanging from my neck.

Over time, the place of the “joy of the process” began to be taken by the creative quest. Communicating the project became a parallel need as well.
I am primarily interested in conversing with the viewer through the work and not in the discourse surrounding it.

Salt is not a work that was based on an idea; it did not follow the guidelines of a text; I did not work on it based on a calendar plan or a work schedule. I tried to give my own interpretation of the world around me and at the same time my point of view on photography. It is a personal project. Like the previous album, Exotic Summer, it will seek out restless viewers to fire their imagination and awaken their memories. Nothing is created in silence.

I dedicate it to those who can understand the above and especially to my students.

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Costas Masseras

Photography is the way to bring reality close to my standards. If I can't change it, I can barely transform it, good enough in… More »

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