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Economic inequalities

Mozambique – A land in the dark

Mozambique is a little known nation compared to many other African countries. Its history was largely marked by Portuguese colonization, obtaining independence only at the price of a deep economic recession which still contributes to placing the country among the poorest in the world. In 2020 it was estimated that only 5% of the Mozambican population present in rural areas has access to electricity and the situation does not seem to improve in recent years.

Maputo, urban regeneration projects in the capital.

The activities managed by AVSI, such as the ILUMINA project in M’Paca, are part of a series of projects which, working in rural areas, are able to have a significant impact on the population and on the culture linked to the value of women not only as mothers, but also as a vector of economy and new ideas and stimuli for the whole community. Understanding the impact of the diffusion of electricity in the rural areas of this country means understanding how much these small communities can offer to the overall development of the future of the nation.

M’Paca district, a young student sitting in her class.
District of M’Paca, the arrival of the photovoltaic grid has brought electricity to the whole village.
District of M’Paca, a technician struggling with the maintenance of the photovoltaic system.
District of M’Paca, most of the wells for water supply are still manual.
District of M’Paca, thanks to electricity it is possible to operate small tools useful for micro-entrepreneurship.
District of M’Paca, some boys are watching a football match through a projector.
District of M’Paca, a family in the dark of his house.
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