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Seaside Orientation

This is Gulangyu and its nearby location in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. I have been here several times. Unlike in the past, many people choose to film the streets, urban landscapes, and historical buildings of Gulangyu. And my choices were not these. I took a walk on the island, taking photos while walking. Gradually, I had new ideas. The theme gradually became clearer. Let’s call it orientation.

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The water here is the sea. Walking along the seaside, you will see navigation aids at sea. There are many navigation aids on the island that are different from those on land. The traffic lights on land allow vehicles to stop or move. The navigation aid not only has the indication function of preventing hitting rocks, but also can identify direction through positioning, without losing direction. As the tide rises and falls, the beach sometimes emerges from the water, and sometimes it is submerged in the sea.

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The rocks on the beach can only be seen supported by oysters when the tide recedes. There is an idiom called ‘rise in groups and attack’. Then the hard rock will completely transform under the bite of the oyster. Standing on the shore, looking from a distance, the tall buildings across the bank are arranged in a picturesque pattern. Large cargo ships or cruise ships can be seen at sea from time to time. You can find your navigation location and locate the docking destination through navigation markers.

Fishing village
Island reef fortress
Domestic waste treatment station
Abandoned beacon lights
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