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Photo Exhibition

Static Mobility, in Time

Photography, one or more click that capture an event, a scene, immobilizing time in the space where it takes place.
This inadvertently creates a new reality or better consciousness that you feel the need to share with others, with the expectation of understanding.

Yes, the photo is not objective!
It’s a constant reminder that the world is not what we see… its strength for me lies in symmetry, purity and austerity.

In the creation – while watching – of feelings, narratives, which reflect the world hidden within us.

The photographic record transforms into an emotion at the moment of capture, capturing a fleeting memory.
I don’t photograph with goals and intentions.
I’m not trying to “make” a concept in advance.
I’m interested in creating an atmosphere, a spark through her frame or a part of it, that might manage to prompt the viewer to create their own narratives.

Alkyona’s return © antonis giakoumakis

To take us on journeys we didn’t expect to go…

I like to make up stories, like a storyteller in photography (finding the right angle of view), because as Ansel Adams says, “You don’t just take a picture with the camera. When you photograph, you “carry” with you all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved “.

Redifined moments © antonis giakoumakis

I consider photography to be the art of perception as a result of a “representation” of unpredictable moments.
Anyway, human life is full of images, events that are registered in our memory like photographs.

I was born and raised in Chania, Crete. Now I live in Chalandri, Attica.
I have been dealing with photography systematically since 2012. Until then I was absorbed by IT for 37 years!
I have attended many seminars and participated in group exhibitions and competitions.
Many of my photographic sequences (series) have been published mainly in foreign but also in Greek magazines and specialized websites.

Antonis Giakoumaki

Ab intus © antonis giakoumakis

Photo Exhibition: Static Mobility, in Time, Antonis Giakoumaki
Dates: Saturday 27/5/2023 at 20:00
Exhibition Location: Youth Center of Chalandri Municipality, Greece GoogleMap

Trilogy © antonis giakoumakis

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Antonis Giakoumakis

I was born and raised in Chania, Crete. Now I live in Athens. I deal with photography (I would say systematically) since 2012, since then I was "absorbing" ... with the Information Technology! "Photography of me is all I do not want to forget when I experience them, so they will not get lost in time.

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