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Victims of War

A resident tries to salvage anything from the apartment which was damaged after a missile destroyed a building which was being used as a base by the Ukranian military in Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast. The building around the are were heavily damaged as the Russian army has begun a heavy assault in the Donabass area.




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Juan Carlos

Emmy Award winner and freelance photographer, producer and occasional DP, covering the Western Hemisphere and sometimes other parts of the world while also pursuing personal documentary projects. Focusing on under-reported issues and current events, documenting social issues and humanitarian crisis in conflict-affected societies. Born in El Salvador, Central America but immigrated to the United States during the mid-1980?s settling in Los Angeles, California. I also work on long-term projects around the world, especially in the ongoing post-conflict situation in my native country of El Salvador. I believe that the role of a photojournalist becomes more important when you hear the testimonies of a victim or when you witness the harm one human being causes another.

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