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The city for bicycles

Ferrara is a small city in northern Italy, in the misty Po Valley. I don’t know who invented (and where) the bicycle, but I know that who lives in Ferrara uses it for centuries, probably from the day after its invention. And nowadays Ferrara is known like “the city for bicycles”, very important feature, with the problem of air pollution in the cities. Of course, the flat streets, without the slightest difference in height, the small size of the city, have certainly favored its diffusion. But it was evidently not only these characteristics, because these factors can be found in other similar cities of the Po valley.

it is therefore a small mystery that every inhabitant of Ferrara (regardless of age) has a bicycle. Bicycles that you can find parked everywhere in Ferrara; bicycles that are used to go to work, to school, to go shopping; but also used to go to “important dinners”, to go to weddings, to walk the dog or, of course, to walk the children, children who immediately learn the beauty of this way of moving. Also because, according to statistics, a newborn child in Ferrara already owns a bicycle…

A group of bicycles, Ferrara – Italy, January 2023.
Parking for bicycles, Ferrara – Italy, January 2023.
A girl in the city, Ferrara – Italy, March 2023.
A small dog on bicycle, Ferrara – Italy, March 2023.
At the park by bicycle, Ferrara – Italy, January 2023.
A small bicycle for a small cyclist, Ferrara – Italy, February 2023.
Elegance and fashion on bicycle, Ferrara – Italy, March 2023.
Go to work, Ferrara – Italy, February 2023.
In the old town, Ferrara – Italy, February 2023.
The “doctor” for bicycles, Ferrara – Italy, February 2023.
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Andrea Giubelli

I’m an italian amateur photographer. I have collaborated with Innovation Norway, Trimaran (France) and some images of my trips were published in several web… More »

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