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Photo Exhibition


The photographs from the series “Cortes” are the story told through the eyes of Cortes, a fictional character who attempted to cross the Pacific to the new world. Cortes is the name of the island in British Columbia named after Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador. The real Cortes never visited the island, yet it bears his name. I decided to create my own “parallel world”—the dream of a person who, in an attempt to break away from social constrains, sails away to the unknown, but in reality, looks for a means to return to his real self and his personal freedom by exploring the landscape of the Cortes island.

Fog over the mountain ©Marina Black

Photo Exhibition: Cortes, Marina Black
Dates: May 1–31 • Reception, May 6, 2–6pm
Venue: Imagefoundry, Toronto, Canada, GoogleMap

Big Rock ©Marina Black
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Marina Black

Marina Black is a visual artist who works in photography. She originally studied history and painting; while her interest in either hasn't diminished, it… More »

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