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Photo Exhibition


The photographs from the series “Cortes” are the story told through the eyes of Cortes, a fictional character who attempted to cross the Pacific to the new world. Cortes is the name of the island in British Columbia named after Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador. The real Cortes never visited the island, yet it bears his name. I decided to create my own “parallel world”—the dream of a person who, in an attempt to break away from social constrains, sails away to the unknown, but in reality, looks for a means to return to his real self and his personal freedom by exploring the landscape of the Cortes island.

Fog over the mountain ©Marina Black

Photo Exhibition: Cortes, Marina Black
Dates: May 1–31 • Reception, May 6, 2–6pm
Venue: Imagefoundry, Toronto, Canada, GoogleMap

Big Rock ©Marina Black
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Marina Black

Marina Black is a visual artist who works in photography. She originally studied history and painting; while her interest in either hasn't diminished, it has added new dimensions to Black’s photography, which has become her main focus. Her work is represented by La Galerie VU' France, and Lumina Gallery, Norway.

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