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Wonderland Affair

I approached the Arctic undergoing its visual and scientific-literary charm.

In deepening my knowledge of it through anthropology and non-fiction texts, I get confirmation that halting my analysis at climate change and heavenly scenarios did not bring justice to this region, on which a huge amount of narrative remains too often rooted to hearsay, rhetoric or newspaper headlines; a land, in fact, celebrated as the ‘last paradise’ as much as a victim of colonial abuse and socially shared clichés.

Working with docu-fiction – entirely remotely – through found photography, manipulation and writing, I mixed legends and imaginary glimpses, in which I staged true events – even tragedies and environmental disasters – trying to give my version of Arctic, which starts from reality but where the line between retinal reality and fiction is blurred.

Norðri #1 – 2021 –
North-West-Passage – 2021 –
Untitled #5 – 2021 –
Kamtchaka – 2021
Arctichenge – 2021
Wood-Cross – 2021
Samalia – 2021
Norðri #2
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Valeria Pierini

Valeria Pierini, 1984, is a young Italian artist graduated in Mass Communication at University of Perugia. Through photography and video, Valeria works on the themes… More »

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