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The dance of a sandworm digger

It was a late spring afternoon on Tra Co beach, Quang Ninh, Vietnam, when the sun was approaching the horizon. Mr.Vien, a local fisherman, started his working day as soon as the tide went out from the shore. Pushing the special shovel  into the wet sand, he repeatedly dug several holes along the beach. As the holes instantly filled up with the seawater, the sandworm started to appear. Then Mr.Vien went back and forth to collect the long worms.

“It’s a hard job, however I can earn 450,000VND (around 20USD) if I am lucky enough to collect a kilogram of worms”

07/03/2023 – The digger and the sea
The digger bent forward, using his body weight to push the shovel into the sand
Making a water hole for the worms to show up
Catching a sandworm in the late day sunlight
Final result, the sandworm close-up
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