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Flor de marge (Edge flower)

Kyiv was my home from 2004 to 2008. Even though I did not see myself as a photographer at the time, the seeds of what I would one day become were planted in those endless fields of grain. I bought my first DSLR camera there and took countless photos of everything that surrounded me: the streets, the people, the landscape. This spontaneous process became a necessity. There was a drive, but no thought. These pictures would end up in the typical drawer of forgotten things anyway.

However, twelve years later, in that springtime of enforced slowness, scanning, looking through old negatives, I rediscovered my gaze while realizing at the same time that the edge was still moving forward.

The title alludes to the flowers that grow along the roadsides, shaken by the wind, by life, by poverty, by war, but always surviving.

Girl. Kyiv, 2006
Boy. Zhitomir, 2006
Ukraine is young. Kyiv 2007
Rendezvous over the Dnieper. Kyiv, 2005
Rodina mats. Kyiv, 2004
Tied, Kyiv, 2005
Orange revolution. Kyiv, 2004
At the Carpathians. 2005
Flower seller in the underground, Kyiv, 2007
Black, blac sea. Crimea, 2006
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Edra Galzeran

I always liked contemplation, being in the clouds, submerging in worlds that became my own. I remember the first photos, that spontaneous abandonment to… More »

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