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The intimate similarity of nameless places

The world and our cities are full of anonymous places, squares, corners or views that apparently say nothing and seem completely superfluous.

I personally have a predilection for this kind of ‘non-places’. I find that if one is fortunate enough to happen upon them and look at them with a sufficiently attentive eye, one can recognise similarities in them, or at least in the images that can be drawn from them, images that convey a certain sense of estrangement, of places vaguely adrift lost in their irrelevance, which becomes a metaphor.

Windy landscape. Selinunte (TP) countryside, August 19th 2022.

It is a similarity that goes beyond the physical, although the choice of black and white accentuates a uniformity in this collection that is almost entirely in the photographer’s mind; it is an identity of atmosphere, of solitude, accentuated by the deliberate absence of human figures.

Image from another era. Rome, Via dei Cappellari, September 9th 2022.

The photographs in this series, taken between August 2022 and the beginning of January 2023, have been left in their order, from the first in Sicily to the last four, the result of a walk in Rome’s Marconi district in January this year, so as not to alter the idea, with some kind of editing, that they are all images of the same mental place

Squares. Rome, Verano monumental cemetery, September 19th 2022.
Base camp. Rome, ancient slaughterhouse, November 13th 2022.
Surreal anonymous. Benevento, Via Annunziata, December 11th 2022.
Stairways to nowhere. Rome, Via Vestricio Spurinna, January 4th 2023.
River and industrial archaeology. Rome, Ponte Testaccio, January 11th 2023.
Gazometer. Rome, Bicycle path under Ponte dell’Industria, January 11th 2023.
Urban vineyard. Rome, Via Tirone, January 11th 2023.
No place. Rome, Vicolo di Pietra Papa, January 11th 2023.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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