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Breath is a virtual photo project that was created over the course of a month and showcases the resilience and power of the human spirit amidst trying circumstances. Through the lens, we bear witness to the struggles of Gennadiy, who calls war-torn Ukraine home, not taking a new day and access to electricity and heating for granted. On the other side, Inna stands steadfast against the oppression on a frozen Volga River in Russia, facing the possibility of arrest and jail sentence for her open anti-war statement.

 In this haunting image, two individuals from vastly different backgrounds are united in their struggle for breath. Inna, a Russian activist for LGBTQ rights and anti-war, embodies the courage it takes to breathe freely in the face of oppression in her country. Meanwhile, Gennadiy, a Ukrainian artist, reminds us that every exhale could be a final one in his war-torn homeland. Yet despite these dangers, they both persist in their pursuit of life and freedom, reminding us that the simple act of breathing represents the unbreakable spirit of human existence.

“Breath” is a message of hope, reminding us that even in the face of insurmountable tragedies and challenges, we have the power to make a difference when we stand together.

Gennadiy is photographed at night, as Ukraine, due to war destruction, is facing a constant lack of electricity, and many Ukraine sitting are descended into darkness for many hours daily. Inna is photographed surrounded by frozen emptiness, suggesting the fear and shock many people are confronted with in the country of the Dictatorial regime.

On the left, you see Inna standing on the frozen Volga River in Russia. On the right side is the capture of Gennadiy’s breath on another dark night that Ukraine is facing daily under Russian artillery attacks.

Hands of Gennadiy and Inna both reach towards sky, resembling a dove of Peace.

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Angelika Kollin

Angelika Kollin (b. 1976) is an Estonian Fine Art/Documentary photographer currently residing in Tampa, USA. She is self-taught and engages with her passion for… More »

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