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Today is my Birthday. 2022

This is my work with AI. I hatched the idea for six months. The idea was that in wartime, every day lived is like another birthday. I searched and tried different approaches for six months.

The war began on 24 February. The Russian army began bombing Ukraine.

I lived and worked in Kiev.

In the first few days I was horrified to hear the sirens, I went down to the basement of my house to see what the shelter looked like. It was just a basement with damp earth. In Kiev, underground metro stations became a real bomb shelter for thousands of people. But it took me 15 minutes to run from home through the empty streets.

The bomb fell near the Lukyanovska metro station, where I walked every day. I could have been there that day.

Now I live in Vinnitsa, and a bomb fell here too, but I was in a different area that day. So far I’ve been lucky. But every time I read the news, I am horrified to hear terrible things. About Mariupol, Bucha, Irpen, Bakhmut.

I understand that I am not in the worst situation right now. And every day that I am alive is like another birthday for me.




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Gennadiy Chernega

Ukrainian self-taught artist I use photo, video, gif, screenshot, experiment to tell about my thoughts and feelings


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