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The Last Week of Life

Goodbye old man. you lived a long long life. 96 years of age and you died a day after your birthday and narrowly outlived the Queen of England. The end was not an easy one, I watched you for 5 days and nights before you shuffled off this mortal coil. I photographed you for most of my life, you were quite the poser. In the end the final picture I took of you was also posed but not by you but by the funeral directors. You always did like to put on the Ritz for Sundays and now in death you dressed up once again for the final ride. Your last few years were not easy ones, growing old is not for the faint of heart. As you have said, I survived Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. The struggle for survival is over old man, rest easy.

Bronislaw Ostrowski
September 11-1926 β€’ September 12-2022

Bronislaw Ostrowski lies dying in the last week of his life at a Long Term Care Home known as Copernicus Lodge, a not for profit home. We watched him die for 5 days and nights although he exceeded all expectaions of living past the first day. He held on the Polish Nun’s had arrived to bless himm and pray for his soul. He lived to see his his 97th birthday and died the next day On Sept 12th 2022.
His best friend Tom Sheilds was there by his side for the entire time. In the end he was boxed up and left to view by no-one other than me, his only son.

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Ted Ostrowski

Ted Ostrowski is a photographer that is working in film and digital media. Having started in photojournalism most of this work was in Labrador… More »


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