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Tanned for the holidays: Christmas 2022

This year-end we are all a little bit dressed up for the holidays, so why not account for it? I wanted to collect and present here a few images, all taken in this month of December, relating to the slightly unreal atmosphere around the Christmas festivities.

They are slightly unreal shots, not always linked by an obvious common thread, ranging between the kitch of certain furnishings, lights, shop windows, figures that look like what they are not and scenes of everyday life.

These are not dramatic images, there are certainly those who for various reasons are infinitely more battered than those of us who live here, and do not feel the need to celebrate anything, here instead it seems to me that we live as if in a light but uninterrupted sleep, where things from the outside filter through in a distorted way. And these festivals are above all an opportunity to sleep more deeply.

It is in this sense that we are ‘tanned for the holidays’, if we can appreciate the pink and gold nightmare in which I have inserted my self-portrait, which I am sending to everyone as a Christmas card.

Christmas blankets. Rome, Largo del Colonnato, December 15th 2022.
Santa Claus runs away with the loot. Rome, Via Giovanni Vitelleschi, December 27th 2022.
Spotlights. Rome, Piazza di Spagna, December 20th 2022.
Pants to dry. Rome, Borgo S. Spirito, December 22th 2022.
Christmas drink. Rome, Via del Governo Vecchio, December 30th 2022.
Santa Claus? Rome, Via degli Ombrellari, December 29th 2022.
Unicorn. Rome, Ponte Vittorio, December 30th 2022.
The lights and the faceless man. Rome, Via Mario dei Fiori, December 12th 2022.
Stunned conversation. Salerno, Via Mercanti, December 9th 2022.
Greeting card: self-portrait with golden ape. Rome, Via del Gambero, December 30th 2022.

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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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