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Restricted Places

If you ever wondered how weapons are developed, defensive or offensive weapons then think of Proving Grounds. Experimental Proving Grounds tend to be in areas that have a very low population density and away from eyesight and earshot of the public. They are in wide expanses of open country and are littered with testing sites active and dormant. All of this happens outside the public eye. For good reason. In this series I am not identifying individulas or what happens at these sites, I am documenting the area and test sites dormant and active, waiting for science to evaluate the next line of defence against percieved and real threats or simply areas being reclaimed by nature long after the tests are concluded.

EPG or Experimental Proving Grounds are areas designated for the development and assessment of weapons which are offensive or defensive in nature. These Proving Grounds are off limits to all persons, unless permission is specifically granted.

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Ted Ostrowski

Ted Ostrowski is a photographer that is working in film and digital media. Having started in photojournalism most of this work was in Labrador… More »


  1. Excellent work Ted, it is great to see these images in this forum along with the description of the project.

  2. Incredible emotionality evoked from such stark simplicity and powerful contrast of light.
    Natures endurance and testament to mans encroachment.

    1. Thank you Tom, i happy to hear that you liked the images and took the time to share your thoughts.

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