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Industrial nightlife

Industrial Area of Porto Marghera, Porto Marghera, Venezia

Unpleasant, polluting, often dangerous, large industrial areas are areas from which, even if considered necessary, we keep away. Yet, in spite of rationality saying otherwise, moving among the ensemble of smokestacks, cranes, immense machinery, ancient and modern architecture mingling in immense spaces between metal and concrete, has its own charm.

The night, with its latent mysteries, amplifies all this to excess: a darkness from which chimneys suddenly emerge like towers of manors, the water of the canals reflecting creating phantasmagorical games, lights and shadows mingling with ships, trucks, containers and everything else that contributes to the feverish activity.

The night changes the perception of things and transfigures these immense areas into something completely different from what they really are and creates, paradoxically, a fascinating parallel world.

The Porto Marghera skyline at night
Industrial Area of Porto Marghera – West Industrial Canal
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Maurizio Sartoretto

I started photographing in 1981, creating images for catalogues, magazines, calendars and books, as well as exhibitions and personal projections. My work then turned… More »

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