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Finding Dapio

My daughter is 3. She came home once and told me about Dapio. Dapio appeared in her life about a year ago and has been with her ever since. My son, age 5, also seems to notice Dapio. Dapio plays with them on playgrounds, sits at the table or rides along on a bike with us. Only us adults do not see Dapio.

Since I became a father, my permanent solitude and melancholia that had always accompanied me in my life seemed to have left me. With this project I tried finding not only solitude and melancholia but Dapio as well.

The birth of my son. Kiel, 2016
My son at home. Kiel 2020
My daughter at window. Kiel, 2021
Cuddly toy. Denmark, 2021
Backyard. Kiel 2022
Hopscotch. Kiel, schrevenpark, 2022
My daughter im bed. Kiel, 2022
Train to Denmark, 2022
The Children riding bikes. Kiel, schrevenpark, 2022
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Victor Kataev

Victor Kataev was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. After an exchange program with Kiel University he finished his medical studies in Germany and… More »

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