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A slight drift: dystopian details

Dystopian etymologically means ‘out of place’, and is used in medicine to define an organ that is not in its correct position; this word has since acquired another meaning, especially in the literary sphere: something disturbing because it refers to a different time or space, to a concatenation of events, alternative or parallel to our universe, and for this reason a source of a subtle sense of unease.

In some novels it is often from a detail, from a slight drift that one begins to become aware that there is something wrong, that one introduces the feeling of not being in the usual place but in an ‘other’ universe with co-ordinates that are perhaps only slightly different, but for that very reason all the more alienating.
And a detail, or a set of discordant details, is at the centre of each of the photographs I present to render a certain sense of dystopian alienation with lightness and irony.

Holy toilettes. Salerno, Via Torquato Tasso, December 9th 2022
Magic ritual. Venticano (AV), Via S.Maria, August 9th 2022.
A braid under the black hat. Venticano (AV), Piazza Don Aquilino Verardi, August 25th 2022.
Roman Nocturne. Rome, Via del Corso, November 28th 2022.
Man with two hats. Rome, Largo del Colonnato, October 14th 2022.
Silhouettes. Casoli (CH), Corso Umberto I, November 30th 2022.
Urban camp. Rome, Lungotevere Vaticano, September 25th 2022.
Doors. Firenze, Via Maffia, October 1st 2022.
Half busts, half figures. Rome, Via Scribonio Curione, Decembre 20th 2022.
Dystopian details. Salerno, Via Torquato Tasso, December 9th 2022.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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