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The hamster wheel, superfluous details

In hamster cages, there is often a swivel, a hollow wheel fixed on two pins into which the animal slips and starts to run, but obviously always stays in the same place.
The hamster has the feeling that he is running, but if he looked up he would discover that he is only seeing one thing: the walls of the cage.
It seems to me an effective metaphor for the condition in which the inhabitants of this city seem to live, asleep in abulia.

With the collection I am proposing here, I would like to try to convey the sense of this cage: I go out and take photographs, but I have the impression that I am only describing, with a little levity and irony, a few useless details, a few small irrelevant imperfections in the bars of the cage.
If the hamsters looked up, perhaps they would stop running around in the walker and start giggling: in the end we will all go to join Medusa’s head.

Still life: stools. Rome, Lungotevere Vaticano, November 21th 2022.
Faceless. Rome, Via della Minerva, November 7th 2022.
Apparition of the Invisible Woman. Rome, Piazza di Spagna, November 15th 2022.
Still life with fans. Rome, Borgo Pio, June 30th 2022.
Astonished bicycle. Rome, Piazza di Montecitorio, February 3rd 2022.
Rectangular composition with doodle. Rome, Via del Consolato, November 11th 2022.
“Drink poetic”. Rome, Via Stefano Porcari, April 13th 2022.
Peroni for lonely hearts. Rome, Lungotevere Vaticano, December 5th 2022.
Sacristy. Rome, Via dei Penitenzieri, January 12th 2022.
Medusa’s Head. Rome, Via dei Corridori, November 5th 2022.
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Pietro Coppa

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