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The golden ape: freaks, aliens, animals, and other cheerful nightmares

A small review of objects, people, animals, both common and not, which, due to the context in which they are depicted, or their attitude, turn into alien figures, freaks, or strange creatures.
Cheerful nightmares, though, with just a hint of irony for certain slips into bad taste or vaguely surreal situations.

The sleep of reason breeds freaks. Rome, Villa Medici, March 10th 2022.

It is my way of sneering at the atmosphere devoid of any great idealistic impulses, civil passions or otherwise, that is lulling a largely sleepy country like ours to sleep.
An atmosphere in which even the dramas taking place elsewhere, or here before our eyes, are perceived as a vague muffled noise, whereby, to paraphrase a famous title, the sleep of reason generates little monsters.

Mummy in the wall. Rome, Via del Governo Vecchio, May 8th 2022.

Photography, which I conceive of not as realistic documentation but as the rendering of impressions, then becomes an ideal medium for rendering this kind of atmosphere and sensation: so intrinsically surreal it can be used to try to extract some meaning from the irrelevant, to turn the ugly into the beautiful, and as I have already said on other occasions, it can become an oxymoron, ‘much from little’.

Alien invader. Rome, Via del Governo Vecchio, November 7th 2022.
Jungle bar. Rome, Via dei Gracchi, June 24th 2022.
Other singing aliens. Rome, Piazza del Popolo, October 11th 2022.
The golden ape. Rome, Via del Gambero, Novemner 7th 2022.
Eagles and centurions: the garden dwarf army. Torre in Pietra (RM) Via Aurelia, October 31th 2021.
Surprise! The head of Medusa. Rome, Via dei Farnesi, November 24th 2021.
The end of Medusa’s head. Rome, Via dei Corridori, November 5th 2022.
Should I stay or should I go? Rome, Borgo Pio, October 23th 2022.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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