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My potrait was taken when I was young. I put it in the salt solution and left in it for several days

When I was 7 years old, I suddenly decided to train my willpower by eating salt. I didn’t know anything about the harms of salt. I started with very small portions and made a decision to end up when I’d increased every day portion to one teaspoon. My goal was eating salt without wince-making. Unfortunately, I don’t remember why I did it. But I did it.

Uncultivated plant near Lake Baskunchak; January, 2022

For now I have willpower more than ordinary people. It helps me living in difficult circumstances. But on the other hand, I lost many important trait as tenderness, gentleness, tolerance. Now I’m trying to find them. Moreover, I lost the huge part of ability to enjoy life.

Fanciful tree near Lake Baskunchak; January, 2022

At the very beggining of this photo project, I questined myself how I’d tell this story, which left a mark and impacted all my life. When I traveled to the saline lake Baskunchak, I submerged my portrait taken at my childhood in the lake. While I observed portrait eroded by salt, I realised that it would be the best way telling my story. I’m sure the man can resist everything. The questions only are how much it costs and is it wotrhwhile.

I captured what was going on with photo when I submerged in in the lake
Salt on the bank of Lake Baskunchak bottom, January, 2022
Sand on Lake Baskunchak bottom, January, 2022
My portrait was decaying in the lake
Bottom of the Lake Baskunchak
My portrait was decaying in the lake
The stone
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Ekaterina Soloveva

I'm an art photographer. I took up photography as an adult. The range of my interests lies in such topics as memory, historical heritage… More »

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